Monday, June 6, 2011

Upgrade! Continued...

To pick up where we last left off. The Beginning Gundam was defeated in the encounter with the Forever Gundam and the Zaku Custom F2000. Keroro appeared and promised to help Beginning Gundam. So it begins.... ...

Keroro: Keke... My work is finished!

Keroro: The Beginning 30 Gundam is completed!

The Beginning 30 Gundam powers up and get to his feet.

Beginning 30 Gundam: Whoa! I feel full of power. Thanks fo the help Keroro.
Keroro: Keke.. ...                                                    

Beargguy: You look kick ass man! You should get back at those 2.
B30 Gundam: You are right.                                                                               

B30 Gundam: It's time for some payback!
Meanwhile, Forever Gundam is chilling out with the Zaku Custom F2000.

Forever Gundam: Haha... Life is sweet without the annoying Beginning Gundam.
Zaku F2000: Yeah right boss. We call the shots right now. 

B30 Gundam: You may want to hold that thought!
Forever: Eh?                                                 
F2000: Gasp!                                           

(Sound of beam saber powering up)

F2000: Uh-oh... ...

B30 Gundam: That's for cutting my head off!
F2000: ... ...                                 

B30 Gundam: Now as for you.... ...
Forever: You are wrong if you think you have won ... ...

B30 Gundam: Eh?        
????????: Boo!

Hi-V2 : Sorry to crash the party.
Hi-V2 pulled the trigger.

Hi-V2: ??? !!                                                               
B30: Lucky I had some enhancements done.

B30: Take that!
Hi-V2: Argh!!!

Hi-v2: Arghhhhh!!!!!
In the meanwhile, Forever Gundam had sneaked away in the confusion.
B30: I guess I am back as the protector of the justice. Hehe...

The cast as below:

Keroro Gunso

Forever Gundam

Zaku Custom F2000

Beginning Gundam


Hi-v2 Gundam

Beginning 30 Gundam

The kits from the Gunpla Builders Series


  1. I can see you are a big fan of Gunpla builder. LOL F2000 is neat!

  2. @Leon
    Yeah, I like the Gunpla Builder Series a lot. I agree that the F2000 is great as it really kicks ass with all that armor. XD

  3. i wander how u make ur keroro stand stright as mine keep falling down lol.

  4. @Ryu
    I think you want to check if the joints are loose coz I did not to make any mods to mine to make it stand. XD

  5. Hahaha, finally all the Gunpla Builder gunplas assembled. And the HiV2 shoot the B30's a$$ in one of the pic, lol.

  6. @Canopy
    Thanks. That pic is one of my favourites too XD


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