Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gundam Seed Destiny Gashapon figures

I bought these gashapon  figures in Taipei during my Dec trip. Now I then have time to take them out play with around with them a bit. A pity is Kira and Lacus is not in this set.

Shinn Asuka - The series' main character, pilot of the Impulse Gundam & Destiny Gundam

Athrun Zala - Started as bodyguard to Cagalli then became one of Zaft's special task force members, pilot of the Saviour Gundam & Infinite Justice Gundam

 Cagalli Yula Athha - Leader of the Orb Union, pilots the Strike Rouge & the Akatsuki

Lunamaria Hawke - Shinn's love interest at the end, pilots her own custom Zaku Gunner & the Impulse Gundam

Rey Za Burrel - Zaft pilot with questionable origins, Pilot his custom Blaze Zaku Phantom & the Legend Gundam.

Stella Loussier - Artificial enhanced pilot of the Earth alliance, love interest of Shinn. Pilots the Gaia Gundam and the Destroy Gundam

 Sting Oakley - Artificially enhanced pilot of the Earth Alliance, Pilot of the Chaos Gundam

Auel Neider - Artificially enhanced pilot of the Earth Alliance, pilot of the Abyss Gundam

Gilbert Durandal - PLANT Supreme Council Chairman

Neo Roanoke - Mysterious ace pilot in the Earth Alliance, pilots the Exus & the Jet Windam

Group photo!

The details are pretty well done despite the size. They are cute versions of the series characters. Glad that I got this in Taipei. I think I got them for about SGD$20.

Anyway on one of my shopping trips to my local mall, could not resist my urge to buy this!

I think this action base will go along well with  my RG Aile Strike Gundam once I complete it as I have its postcard premium when I bought the kit.


  1. too bad no kira and lacus but 1 of the character u dont mind missing is shin hahaha.

    that neo look like ultraman for some reason XD

  2. SD Neo Roanoke is super cute and all other villains are so adorable in this form. And your new stand will make excellent duel poses.

  3. @Ryu
    It seems that Shinn is quite unpopular among the Seed Destiny fans. Now that you mentioned it, Neo really looks like Ultraman. Hehe... XD

    Thanks. Yeah I will look forward in using the new stand.

  4. Is Taiwan littered with gashapons? 3 out 3 who went there got them. haha

  5. @sl619
    Haha... I can say that's true. There are hobby shops there that literally just sells gashapons. The price are reasonable too.XD


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