Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ironman MK I in China!

This is a Gundam non-related post. I saw this over the Youtube today and its absolutely hilarious I can say.
Apparently some guy in China took cosplaying into another level. He made himeslf a Ironman suit from the movie. This suit is not the red and yellow flashy one, but the first prototype which look a bit like an oversized tin can. AND HE WORE IT TO WORK! This guy had guts!
It seems that the security had to let him into the building as he was wearing his security pass around his neck. The whole office was in a mayhem. It seems that nobody were interested in working once he arrived (don't what his boss will think).
Anyway with regards to the suit, he did a great job. It really looks exactly like the one from the movie I think judging from the video. He made the suit out of foam or else he would not be able to move about easily.
This makes me wonder when will some brave soul dress up as a Zaku II and turn up for work. XD


  1. Quite the Grade A standard of cosplay. China is catching up!

  2. @Dennis
    Yeah, soon in the future more and more top cosplayers may be from China XD


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