Friday, June 10, 2011

Work in progress - Sergeant Major Kululu

I took some time off to work on this kit. I bought this in a sale quite sometime ago. The reason why is because I am in love with the Keroro Gunso series. It is #!*%@ funny. It shows an alien as an avid Gunpla collector often with less than normal situations. This particular character, Kululu, is the team's resident tech expert .

Box cover

Contents of the box

Assembling the head

Placing the eyes
Used the foil stickers for the eyes to save time and effort.

Painting his headphones

The paint markers that I used


The head assembled

There's the body

Working on the missile launcher next

Painting it according to the box art, a liitle clean up is necessary

The bazookas

Add in the arms and the legs

There, Kululu!

Sergeant Major Kululu salutes!

Another of the markers used in painting

Keroro finally got an assistant!


  1. Pretty blur looking for Sergeant Major. But look at his Gundam weapons! Awesome! Happy working on it!

  2. @Dennis
    Haha.. I like his weapons too. XD

  3. Where can I find these kits...My kids..and I Love Sargent Frog...I Live in the US


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