Thursday, June 16, 2011

Work in progress - BB Senshi Sangokuden SD Souhi Gundam Part 1

After a short hiatus, it's back to gunpla building for me. Time for me to get back to my Sangokuden kits. After some thinking, I decided on the Souhi Gundam for my next build. The reason is that I like the colour scheme. The design is also like the Gundam X Divider. You can tell that by looking at the shield.

Box Cover

Box contents

Started on the head first

Panel lined and a bit of painting done.

The torso assembled

Decided to paint the sword according to the box art

Waiting for it to dry

Next paint job...

Add in the red first

Some of the paint markers used

Red Gundam marker used

Add in the gold

Wait for it to dry before embarking on next step

Now I intend to let the paint dry overnight before moving on to the next phase. Hope to finish this in the next two sessions. XD


  1. I amazing that using simple markers could bring out so much more from the kit.

  2. @Dennis
    Yeah, it's amazing what a little effort with the markers can do to a gunpla kit... XD

  3. this was my 1st bb kit that i build when i started on bb. the gold marker u just apply on the orange runner? or did u apply silver 1st then gold?

  4. @Ryu
    I just apply the gold marker straight in the runner XD


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