Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Work in progress - MG Crossbone Gundam X1 Ver. Ka. Part 1

I finally embarked on my first MG project in two years (that's quite a long time...). Been wavering back and forth about which kit to start on. My mind was torn between the Gundam F91 and the Crossbone X1 Ver. Ka. In the end, I chose the X1 because I have not done a Ver. Ka. before.

Now on to the preliminary phase.

Box cover

Front/rear view

some details of the kit

The front of the manual

Overall view of the runners part A

Overall view of the runners part B

The anti-beam cape and the decals with the foil stickers

Further introduction of the kit in the manual

Quite impressive in terms of the info given although it is in Japanese

Starting on the torso

What is done so far

I only started on the torso so far. I forgot to the take photos of the rear view of it. there is actually a hole at the back for the core fighter to insert in. Will try to continue working on it tonight as I am now in the mood as I envision the completed version. XD


  1. MG itself is pretty detail and will look nice even straight built. It will be promising given the unique design of Crossbone Gundam.

  2. @Dennis
    Yeah, the design is pretty unique when compared to the other Gundams XD

  3. @Killian
    Thanks. That's my thought too... XD


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