Monday, June 20, 2011

Work in progress - BB Senshi Sangokuden SD Souhi Gundam Part 2

During the weekend, I continued work on the SD Souhi Gundam. Most of the painting was done during the last post. Therefore I will focus more on the assembling in this post.

The rear skirt unpainted


Front skirt unpainted


Applied the foil sticker for the eyes

Next up, the arms being assembled

The legs being fitted

Lower half of the body completed

Add the torso

With arms, now what is left is the head

There, basic frame done.

Now start with helmet crest

The helmet's main body

Helmet done

Looks good with helmet on...

Now working on the chest armor

Chest armor added

Put in the shoulder armor

Additional armor for the shoulders


Assembling the backpack / cape

Not bad looking

Rear view

Adding the green jewels to the respective swords

One of the better looking weapons of the series

Souhi Gundam completed holding his third sword

The Souhi Gundam has been completed. Most probably will add a top coat with Matt finishing to it. After that I will then set a photo gallery for it in the next post. Till then, have to to rack my brains for my next project. I am torn between choosing a simpler project which will take up less time or a more complex one which will take me ages to complete. SD kit, HG, MG or PG, will have to make up mind by next post.

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  1. This character sure has many swords. Congrats to have completed another BB warrior. I'm hoping Bandai would have Gunpla of some GM general of Wu.

  2. Looks great there dude! The red crest on the head looks cool. U can op for a MG to build since its been a while. ^^

  3. @Dennis
    Thanks. I sure hope so too. There are too many Gundam type generals around.

    Thanks. You have a point. Maybe its time for a MG WIP post XD


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