Monday, June 13, 2011

New Gundam Series - Gundam Age

Finally, the new Gundam Series is out. It is named as Gundam Age. Up to now since its unveiling, there had been a lot of negative comments about this series. You can watch the promotional video at the end of this post.

This series is based on a new time series, namely the AG (Advanced Generations). In a nutshell, the series is about a kid who pilots a Gundam (big surprise there...) in order to fight some unknown enemy, the UE, who invades the earth. From what I understand, the pilots of this Gundam Age comprises of main protagonist Frite, his son & his grandson. Yeah, you heard me right. This series will span 3 generations.

From what I seen so far from the posters and the video, it is a clear attempt by Bandai to market this series to a younger market. At the first look of the promotional video, it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth as my first thought that this is for kids. I think a more mature audience would not be able to fully appreciate this series. On a side note, I think the design of the U.E is cool and refreshing. I have not really seen this type of this enemy appearing in any of the previous Gundam series. The overall feel of the video reminds me of the X Gundam series due to the pilot needing an Age Device to operate the Gundam Age as opposed to Garrod needing a G-Controller to operate the Gundam X.

My conclusion is that it is way too early to tell if the Gundam Age is not for the mature masses as it is still only a promotional video. Only time will tell while we await the first episode. Only then, we can really have a feel of the series. For more information, you can read about it here at Gundam Guy who did a great write up about this.

On a side note, Bandai is coming up with the launch of the Gundam Age Gunpla soon which is exciting for me as a Gunpla collector. Look forward to that. XD

Pictures courtesy of Gundam Guy


  1. on the 1st picture the guy on the right with the blonde hair some how remind me of duo maxwell from gundam wing.

  2. the gundam design realy interesting eventhough the pilot is just a child >_<

  3. @Ryu
    Now that you have mentioned it, there is certainly some likeness there...
    I think it is now a Bandai cliche that the main character is always a kid although this time he is a bit younger than usual XD

  4. From the trailer, the mecha looks like something from eva/digimon mix. HAHA! Gunpla Beginning must be a success for bandai to produce this series now. kinda disappointed actually...

  5. @sl619
    I guess a lot of people are pretty disappointed with this animation XD

  6. i wander they are going to follow like the 00 gundam. in the OO gundam season 1 setsuna look like a kid then on season 2 a bit grow up then on the movie really grow up haha

  7. @Ryu
    I highly doubt so coz they mention this series will span 3 generations. Therefore I think the second half of the series will focus more on the main character's son & grandson. XD


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