Thursday, July 28, 2011

Work in progress BB Senshi Sangokuden SD Shin Totaku Zaku Part 1

After some time out of touch with the Sangokuden series, it is time for me to be back to work with them. Who else to work on than the biggest baddie (literally) of all, the Shin Totaku Zaku. He is based on the Zaku I and the reason I bought him is because he comes with the Dragon Seal. That is a nice accessory to have, not to mention the clear effect parts.

Box cover

Box contents

The runners and the foil stickers

The manual with a comic as usual


                                                Parts of the Dragon Seal not painted yet               

As per usual with the Sangokuden kits, need to paint the gold parts with my gold paint marker.

                                                After painting the parts gold with a paint marker

The paint markers used

                                                     The Dragon Seal after assembly

Starting work on the head

Adding the foil sticker for the eyes

Adding the armor

With the beard on


                                                            Assembling the arms

The torso assembled

The hip before painting

Painting the parts gold


Parts of the leg to be assembled

Both the legs assembled

His name is at the base of the feet!


Joining both legs together

The whole figure being assembled

Add in the shoulder armor

The cannons to be attached

Finally assembly done

With the clear effect parts

Holding on to the Dragon Seal

It is finally done. I have finished work on the Tontaku Zaku project. It is quite a simple and straightforward build. I have really enjoyed myself. What lies next for this kit will most probably a photo shoot if time permits. Once that happens, I will be posting a gallery for it.

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