Friday, July 29, 2011

Work in progress - Dark Keroro Part 1

After negecting Keroro model kits for some time, it is time to shift my attention and focus back to them. I find the series hilarious and the model kits are very cute. I currently have less than 10 of these model kits and it is time to do something about it.

Kururu: Keroro, it's time for you to get a new assistant.
Keroro: Eh?? You got someone in mind?                          

Kururu: This guy looks promising... kekeke...
 Keroro: Whoa~.... ...                                             

Box contents

Contents out of their packaging

the instruction manual

Start to put the head together

Assembling the eyes

Putting the head together

Ready to put on the helmet

The head done!

Adding in the stickers for the eyes

Working on the torso

Assembling the rest of the body


It comes with his own stand

Halt or risk my wrath!

Kururu: Here's your new assistant
Keroro: You seem like a bright fellow
Dark Keroro: Stop! I'm no one's assistant!

Seems like Keroro is going to have his hands full with this guy.


  1. What a daze cute look on Dark Keroro! Congratz to a new member in your Keroro line of kit.

  2. @Dennis
    Thanks. He is really cute XD


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