Monday, July 4, 2011

WIP - MG Crossbone Gundam X1 Ver. Ka. Part 3

After enjoying the weekend, it is back to work on the X1. As shown in the last post, I am working on the X1's frame at the moment. I did up to the torso and the arms previously. This aim of the next phase is to complete the frame for the hip and the legs.

The frame for the hip

Starting work on the feet

Quite a no. of parts for the feet

Frame for the legs completed

With the feet attached

Adding the hip to it

The frame looks quite sturdy

The X1 looks quite skinny at the moment.. kekeke...
 The basic frame has been done. Please bear with me in regard to the slow progress. Time is a rare commodity for me currently with a lot of other stuff taking up my time. But I can say that this kit is pretty exciting for me as I have just recently read its manga. With the story fresh in my mind, I will strive to recreate the X1 as perceived in the story. Pity that there is no plans for this anime as I am sure it will be quite well received.

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  1. hahaha nice job~~ Go read the manga quite fascinating. I eager to get MG X-Bone Full Cross hehe.

  2. UuuuUuu, I have this one, still in the box for a year haha. With all the armors done, this one is a pretty kit for sure. :D

  3. @Killian
    Yeah. The MG X-Bone Fill Cross looks downright bad ass. XD
    The X-1 will be one of the highlights in my collection for sure! XD

  4. I think your progress is rather fast cos I take ages to complete MG kit. I also think this Gundam should have an anime of its own.

  5. @Dennis
    Yeah, too bad the creators have a diffent idea with regards to having an anime...


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