Saturday, July 23, 2011

Work in progress - TT Hongli's Mech Hero Liu Bei part 2

It is time to get back with work on the Mech Hero Liu Bei. Just to refresh your memory a bit. From the last post,  most of the kit was completed. What is left are the legs, the backpack and the weapons. So far the kit is up to my to my expectations so far. For a bootleg kit, the quality is magnificent. TT Hongli has really improved a lot since its earlier years. Now to proceed with the next phase of the build.


Part of the leg assembled before painting

After painting

Top half of the leg assembled and panel-lined

The foot before painting

After painting

The whole leg assembled

Both the legs completed

Liu Bei assembled sans the backpack
One of the swords after painting. It was original red in colour

The other sword before painting

After painting

Before painting

After painting

Actually the backpack also acts as a shield/cloak

Mounting of the swords

Add caption

Assembling the backpack

Activating the cloak mode
Liu Bei assembled
Now the I am faced with one decision. The question is that what finish will I be using for this kit. I currently have a Semi-gloss Topcoat in my stores. With barring any new additions to my stores, I most probably will be using that.
Semi-gloss Topcoat

So far this build was pretty easy and enjoyable. I tried to lay off using the foil stickers except using it for the eyes. I will be writing more of my thoughts on the kit in the next post and will be including a photo shoot for it.

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  1. I will also try topcoat on my Sangokuden kit.

  2. @Dennis
    Good luck with your topcoating XD

  3. Do you know where to get dragon momoko kit?


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