Monday, July 11, 2011

Work in progress - MG Crossbone Gundam X1 Ver.Ka. part 6

I continued working on the X1 over the weekend. I managed to put in more quality time into it, thus explaining the higher number of photos in this post. This kit managed to exhibit its uniqueness as it slowly takes shape. As shown in the last post, only one leg was completed. Therefore I completed the other leg this time. Before embarking on the next phase, I had fun playing with it for a while depicting it in various poses.

Stand attention!

It's time for some exercise!

Trying to balance on one leg

Rear view, now missing the core fighter
As shown a hint from the last photo, the next phase will be working on the core fighter. For this Gundam, there will be a separate core fighter for the pilot's cockpit as opposed to a typical gundam. It seems that this design place a great importance on the survival of the pilot.

The pilot on his seat unpainted.
After some thinking, I decided to paint the pilot. It will be a nich touch to the kit and a test of my painting skills. Actually this is my first time attempting to paint something this small.

Blue for the pilot suit and some silver for the visor.

Painted the control panel a bit, but with less than satisfactory results T_T

Showing the actual size of the pilot as comparision to a 10-cent coin

Building up the pilot's cockpit

The cockpit can be opened which means my paintwork won't go unnoticed XD

Part of the core fighter which need painting instead of using the foil stickers


The core fighter beginning to take shape

The grappels at the back will be used to connect the thrusters

Starting work in the thrusters, four in total

Needed some painting

Core fighter is completed

The cockpit hatch can opened

The core fighter transformed to get ready to fit into the X1

The X1 ready for the core fighter's insertion

Ta-dah! Insertion completed!

Opened cockpit

Closer look at the cockpit

Fighting pose

Next phase will be on the X1's weapons, something which I think I will enjoy working on.
Before I end this post. just want to share with you all a common gunpla builders' headache, backlogs! In my case, HUGE BACKLOG!!!!!  A photo of a corner of my room is posted below. This is where I keep my model kits and unopened boxes. Take note, all of the boxes of gunpla are unopened except for two which are completed.

Heaven or hell?
You decide...

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  1. wow~~~~ One hell of messy u get there !!! If I in that condition, I been blasted by my parent !! BTW, good job on ur X1.

  2. @Killian
    Haha... Thanks. It's a mess alright. That's the reason my missus has put a freeze on my buying of new loot till I fix the mess T-T

  3. Nice effort to pay attention to small detail even like the pilot. I'm the lazy type who always neglect the pilot. I guess some weapons and this X Gundam will be ready to roll out.

  4. @Dennis
    Thanks. The weapons are will be ready soon XD

  5. Nice attention to detail dude.
    I thought my backlog was a lot, how wrong was I... LOL.
    when did u start ur toys collection bro? seems like a long time ago. haha

  6. @sl619
    Thanks. I think I started collecting Gundam model kits about 7yrs back...

  7. icic. Great collection bro!!


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