Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Work in progress - MG Crossbone Gundam X1 Ver.Ka. Part 4

Basically to recap a little, the work done during the last phase is mainly on the construction on the basic frame of the kit. As for this phase, more emphasis will be put on the armor of the arms and hips.

Back of the waist before putting on the skirt armor

After the armor had been put on.

The arms without any armor

parts of the arm armor

The components of the arm with the armor on

The arm completed!

Done the same with the other arm
Next up is the shoulder armor. I was faced with the choice of using foil sticker or painting with regards to a small portion in the armor. Decided with painting it using a Yellow Gundam Marker.

Left side is painted as compared to the unpainted on the right side. Using the yellow Gundam marker 

Attachinging the arms

I am now left with the 'skinny' legs.
Not bad looking ya...

So far the progress of the build have been steady although the speed can be improved on. As for the next phase, the focus will be on the legs(no surprises there).
Before I sign off, I like to share what I bought while on a shopping spree at Uniqlo.

The Unicorn Gundam T'shirt
There are many designs available. Although my favourite design was of a Zaku II, there is only a option of a black T-shirt which I do not take kindly to. In the end, I chose this. The design of this T-Shirt is fantastic. Too bad I did not see any design with the Sinanju.


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  1. Looks like its just a matter of time before crossbone comes to life! ^^

  2. @sl619
    yeah, its only a matter of time XD

  3. Almost completion...that's fast.. MG Cross Gundam joints seems difficult from many MG Gundam kits that I have built. Oh, I have the same design for the Uniqlo t-shirt too! Nice!

  4. @Dennis
    Haha... I guess great minds think alike ^^

  5. Nice~~~ Very fast job on MG model...

  6. @Killian
    Thanks. Just trying my best...


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