Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Work in progress - MG Crossbone Gundam X1 Ver.Ka. Part 7

Due to a busy work schedule, I have not been able to work much on the X1 recently. As seen from the last post, most of the X1 has been completed with exception to the weapons. Therefore this post will be mainly on the weapons itself. The most interesting item that the X1 possess is the anti-beam cloak. More on that later.

Assembling the beam rifle

it needs some painting

After the paint job

Assembling the pirate sword handle

Adding some black paint to it

The pirate beam sword is my favourite weapon for the X1 as the design is exclusive to the Gundams in the Crossbone series as compared to your run-of-the-mill beam sabers

Both the weapons

The twin daggers

X1 with the daggers

Freeze! Hands up, punk!

Looks like some bloke from a pirate movie...

One of the interesting items that the Crossbone Gundams in the Crossbone series possess is the anti-beam cloak. They help to repel beam attacks keeping the Gundam safe. They are lightweight and less costly to replace as opposed to the anti beam shields. The downside of them is that they only can withstand a few hits before being destroyed.

With the cloak on

Obviously the next phase of the build is on the applying of the decals. Just looking at the amount of the decals alone really gives me a headache. Will put it off for a while until I have the mood for it. XP

the decals

Anyway, the shopping bug hit me again when I walked into a Gundam fair in Toys'R'Us at Vivocity during the weekend. They were clearing their gunpla giving discounts at up to 70% off. How can I let go of this chance, I ask myself. What is more, there were also limited edition of Gunpla on sale. At the end I got myself 3 kits in all.

The loot at the end of the day

Tensyoryu Komei v Gundam at SGD$15

Asurao Mokaku Gundam, Syukuyu Gundam, Kyoshin Elephant Set at SGD$20

Gunpla Builders Sazabi GPB colour Limited edition at SGD$59.95
 For the Sangokuden Gunpla, I have been eyeing them for quite sometime, so with the sale on, I quickly grabbed hold of the chance to add them to my collection. For the Sazabi GPB Colour, I have been an avid collector of the Gunpla Builder series, so I also cannot miss the chance to add it to my collection.
I guess my gunpla addiction serves me well this time XD

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  1. Gundam X's anti-beam cloak is way cool when use him in SD Gundam games. Nice touch up to the pirate saber. I hope the sale is still on and that white Sazabi from Gunpla Builder anime is awesome. I didn't know this was released.

  2. hmn.... the cloak is ok. Nt in my imagination thought. U should do more like the manga. Make more smooth a bit. I guess never done b4. Hehehe. Btw Good done man !!

  3. have you ever though of painting the gun brown and silver? where the white part turn into brown and the black part to silver make it look like a pirate gun XD. nice build btw.

  4. Ahh.... the Ver. Ka decals.... LOL!

  5. @Dennis
    Thanks. The sale is still on at Vivocity till 25 Aug I think.

    I struggled quite a fair bit when putting on the cloak, therefore the cloak did not really look that nice. Also the cloak is supposed to have jagged edges, but I did not cut it due to laziness. Thanks for the suggestion. XD

    Your idea is worth a shot. Thanks!

    Haha.. I guess you know the pains of applying those decals...


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