Thursday, July 21, 2011

Work in progress - TT Hongli's Mech Hero Liu Bei part 1

After working on the MG Crossbone Gundam X1, I wanted a change of mood. From my last trip to Kuching, I bought some bootlegs back. One of them is the TT Hongli Mech Hero Liu Bei. At first I thought it was one of the bootleg SD Sangokuden kits, but at a closer look, it is different from them although it is still based on the three kingdoms character.
The main reason which I got this kit is the box art. I know the bootleg's reputation and the box art may not be an actual representation of the kit itself, but I was willing to take the risk. The box art was simply too beautiful to ignore.
On another point on why I chose to build this kit now is because I am off to Kuching again in early August. Thus if the kit is up to expectations, I may get the other kits in the series although I already possess the Red Hare. Now to procceed with build.


Box cover

From the photo above, my first thought was that this kit came with a free poster. I was half right. It is a poster but on the other side is the assembly instructions. Not bad... for a bootleg. The poster really paints the kit in a good light, hope that my final product will be similar, if not same as it.

Assemby instructions at the back of the poster

Box contents

The runners and foil stickers out of the packaging

Treatment of gold parts

I do not really like the colour of the gold runner. Decided to paint them the colour I desired.

Before painting

After painting


The gold parts of the head

Parts of the head ready to be assembled

Head assembled, it needs some paint work

The first phase of painting

Adding the foil stickers for the eyes

Adding the helmet

The head in the final form

Parts of the torso to be assembled

Assembled and ready for painting

First phase of painting

The next phase of the painting

Adding the gold component

Shoulder / Arm

The shoulder armor painted

The arm painted

Ready to be assembled

Assembly completed

Both arms completed

Skirt Armor
Before painting

After painting

After first phase of assembly

Rear skirt

Front skirt ready to be painted

After painting

Some of the paint markers used


Can't wait for it to be assembled

I have to leave the legs and the accessories for the next post. So far so good. Most probably will buy more of these series.


  1. so far it look really nice. never saw the bandai version of this model. if bandai have it i dont mind collecting it XD

  2. @Ryu
    I do not think Bandai will relase this kit as this kit so far have no relationship with Bandai. This kit is just something that is thought up by the China company XD

  3. yes i know but hopefully bandai will release some nice BB kit like this TT hong li XD.

  4. @Ryu
    I see. I also hope Bandai would do so XD

  5. Your TT Hongli Liu Bei is very cool! You are really skilled on the SD kits. I just bought the Lu Bu and Chi Tu Ma. The Chi Tu Ma is awesome from the snapfit.

  6. @Dennis
    Thanks. Great to hear that you have bought the kits from this series too. I am also aiming for Lu Bu next time round.


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