Friday, July 8, 2011

Work in progress - MG Crossbone Gundam X1 Ver.Ka. Part 5

Work on the X1 has slowed down to a crawl. I have been tied up with some other stuff that really leaves me little energy for me to work on this kit. But I told myself i had to at least do something. Thus I did not have time to work on both the legs, I just worked on one of them. I guess one leg is better than none ^^.

Frame of the left leg - today's main attraction

Adding the outer armor to it piece by piece

Adding the knee and the vents to it


X1 sure looks like it had an encounter with a pirahana...

Moving on to loot updates. I had my birthday just recently and my missus asks me what I want for my present. "Gunpla!' That was my immediate response. So guess what, she saw this monster at Toys 'R' Us and got it for me. I finally have a mega-size model!

1/48 Zaku II Char's Custom

Looks cool judging from the box 

Now my next headache will be... where on earth will I be able to get an action base stand for it...?


  1. wow !!! 1/48 Scale !!!

  2. @Killian
    Yeah, that's right! MEGA SIZE!

  3. Man! Your wife is so nice to you! This Mega Size Custom Char's Zaku II is awesome. I remember my wife bought me a MG Gundam RX-78-2 for my birthday last year.

  4. @Dennis
    It is nice when our other half understands our hobbies and support us. Although mine said she won't buy more gunpla for me anymore unless I clear my mountain of back log first.. Haha.. XD


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