Friday, December 3, 2010

BB Senshi Sangokuden Military Unit Soldier Finished!

As in an earlier post, Military Unit Soldier, I bought 3 boxes to build. Now I finally decided to start on one of them. Basically there are 3 units in a box, consisting of blue, red & orange respectively. Even with the foil stickers provided, it looks very plain as its is only in one colour. Definitely painting is necessary for me to make it look more presentable. 

The Box
Contents consisting of 3 runners of different colours with 2 sets of foil stickers

The power of three

Basically I spray paint the shields silver and then paint the patterns on it using Gundam markers. For the models itself, I only spray paint the red soldier as I still had a red spray can with me. With the other two, I only used silver and gold paint markers. 

Orange foot soldier seems like a pushover.

I like the colour blue.

Red looks flashy

In my opinion, this foot soldiers are quite important as they make the main characters look good. I still have 2 boxes to go, so that  means I will have nine in total at the end. Hope I can finish all of them soon as that I can set up an epic scene involving the characters of BB Senshi Sangokuden. 

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