Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Work in progress - BB Senshi Sangokuden Bashoko Gundam Part 1

The next model I am going to work on is the BB Senshi Sangokuden Bashoko Gundam. Bought this kit together with several other Sangokuden kits on a buying spree as there was a sale. Bought each of them at SGD$5 each when the usual price was about SGD$12.

The box

Contents of the box - take note that I have already painted some of the parts

The original gold colour of kit was terrible. I painted it using my gold oil-based paint marker.

The colour was light grey which I did not like, so I painted it silver with an oil-based paint marker too. Looks much better.

The head was pretty simple. I just used the foil sticker for the eyes. Quite a interesting way to change the two different set of eyes. I panel line the head and face. I proceed to paint the chin using the Red Gundam Marker as I do not want to use the foil sticker. Using masking tape, I kept the ink from overflowing to the other part of the face, thus preventing a messy affair.
The head almost assembled with the Red Gundam Marker I used to paint the chin. 

The arm came next. After assembling, the whole arm is all in blue. The parttern on it was supposed to be in gold. A foil sticker was supposed to pasted on it. But knowing me, I opt to use my trusty gold oil-based paint marker on it. I used black oil-based paint markers for the hands. 

The arm after being painted

Waiting for it to dry

Both arms done
 The torso and the waist came next. Pretty straight forward to assemble. Just needed some panel lining and a little painting.

The torso + waist done

My trusty gold oil-based paint marker

That is all for now. Will continue on the next session for another time.

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