Friday, December 3, 2010

Difference in Spray Painting - BB Senshi Sangokuden Kyocho Gundam

Sometimes I get carried away when buying gundam kits. As I have many model kits, I sometimes (no so frequent) may buy the same model which I already have forgetfully. Kyo Cho Gundam is one of these instances. In the end my GF benefited from it.
As you know in the previous post, she started on building SD model kits from the Sangokuden series. When she saw the extra kit I have, she took it from me instantly. She really is into spray painting now. So I made a decision. I would let her spray paint her version, while for my version I would only use paint markers. The objective of this is to show the difference between this two methods.

As you can see from version below, without spray painting, the model have a 'plastic' look on it, especially the legs.

Using paint markers only.

As for my GF's version, she use spray paint metallic silver to replace the grey parts, and gold spray to replace the yellow parts. I can say I looks more solid than my version.
Spray painting with silver and gold makes a lot of difference.

Side by side.

Metallic version with the sword.

The back view of the metallic version

Non-metallic version with the hammer.

Close-up of non-metallic version

Spray painting definitely helps in terms of improving the looks, but it does really takes up a lot of your time. As I still have alot of unfinished kits to build, I would only spry paint those that I really liked. As for the rest, paint markers will do for the moment.


  1. What kind of paint markers do you use? I know of Gundam Markers but the colors I see you producing don't match those I've seen in "Gundam Markers" boxes.

  2. Will Carde
    I use paint markers which can be bought at the stationery store. Their brand name is Uni Paint Markers.

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  5. I use testors metallic paint on my sangokuden kits. Using metallic paint really does make a difference. I have this kit too. I'm planning on putting some pictures on my blog as well.


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