Thursday, December 9, 2010

Work in progress - BB Senshi Sangokuden Bashoko Gundam Part 2 (Final)

AS shown in the last post, the Bashoko gundam is more than half completed. What is left now is parts of its armour and weapons and yes, the feet of course.

Before assembly

After assembly
Note that after assembly, some parts are still to be done. The next in line is the feet.

The feet before joining
Not yet done

Now with the four limbs attached. I will move on to the shoulder armor. As stated earlier, I painted it gold using the oil-based paint marker. I also used the foil sticker provided for the shoulder armor,  

Shoulder armor painted with the foil sticker on it.

Gold shoulder armor with the foil sticker on it

Earlier I have already painted part of the helmet in gold and silver respectively using the oil-based paint markers.
The remaing parts of the helmet

Assembled! Looks good actually.

Now left with the weapons. They came mostly in only one colour, so quite a lot of painting involved. Painted the big sword gold and using red and green for the details on it.
Weapons painted

Foil stickers unused

Finally the Bashoko Gundam is assembled. I like it because of the sword. For no reason, I like gundams with big swords like Astray Blue Frame 2nd L, Sword Strike Gundam etc.

Rear view

One more model kit completed. I am trying my best to finish my unbuilt kits as many as possible as I will be going to Taiwan next week. As the model kits in Taipei are much more cheaper than in Singapore, I will definitely bring some home. Therefore I have to clear some space for the new acquistions.

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