Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Very careless - Got cheated Kuching, Sarawak

I was in Kuching Sarawak, for a holiday at my GF's place few months back. We went shopping in the Spring shopping centre. I saw this shop selling gundam model kits and went in despite my GF's death stare(I got a lot of unbuilt kits you know). I saw the SD New type Mobile Armor and bought it. The counter staff ask me if I would want to open the box to check its contents, I declined as I normally do not do that in Singapore. Bad mistake.

Fast forward few months. I finally decide to take the box out and build it. After cutting the scotch tape sealing the box, I was horrified to see that model has been done already and divided into 3 parts. All the parts had been cut from the runners. One small part was missing (the bit for the shooting). I was pretty mad with myself. I should had checked the box when offered. I take great joy in building the models myself and now the model I bought had been built by someone else before I even opened the box.

I take it as lesson learned. It should not had happened as the shop in question had a similar incident with my GF before. My GF went to buy a gundam model for me for my birthday. After she decided on the model, a-Azieru, she went to the counter to pay. At that time she checked the contents(using the manual) and found some parts missing. She quickly changed another one, Force Impulse w/Sword Silhouette Extra-Finish. This time all were in order.

I now take extra care in buying models from unfamiliar shops.

Innocent looking box

This are the exact parts that was in the box.
All I did was to put them together.

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