Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Hobby Magazine

Currently I am not working on any model kits. being busy with work. I have clear up lots of stuff as I will be flying off to Taiwan this Friday for a much needed 10-day holiday. Quite excited about it as one of my objectives are the Gundam model kits there. The last time I went there was back in 2005 where I brought back 10 model kits. The model kits there are typically much cheaper than here(about 50% lower I think).
Hopefully can get some great bargains or rare kits there.

This week I just bought two items. The first one is the Hobby Magazine Nov issue. It gives quite a lot of inf of the latest kits in there and of course the master pieces of the featured gunpla modelers. Will share with you the interesting stuff once I have the time to read through it.

Hobby Magazine November

Back page

The second item I bought was a comic name Gundam Legacy Vol 3. This is an interesting series which talks abouth the side stories of Gundam Universe Century. Some of the featured mobile suits are the Full Armor Gundam, RX 78-6, the Zeon ground melee forces & many more.

Interesting comic
Will try to start and finish 1 more model kit before I make my way to Taiwan.

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