Monday, December 6, 2010

Work in progress - Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode) Part 2

As to continue from the last post, I worked on the head next.

Nice horn
As you can see not much extra work is needed for the head. No panel lining and only one foil sticker is needed. Just to take note that the horn is quite long and prone to break if you are not careful.

Looks right at last
As I remembered mentioning that I had regrets in panel lining the torso, so I decided to get rid of the lines using nail polish remover. The reason I use this is because my GF have some left over so I did not want to waste money to buy anything else. But trust me, once I finish this bottle, I will be switching to other means as the smell is horrible.

Parts of the arm
 Next I worked on the arms. The model comes with three types of hands, clenched fists, outstretched palms and one trigger squeezing hand.

Look Ma! Four hands!

Cut in half

Lower part of the leg
The legs are next to be done. If you have noticed, the legs of the Unicorn gundam is shorter than those of those in the Destroy mode.

Parts of the leg to be assembled

I cannot help it but to panel line the legs to give it some depth. It is contrary to my earlier plan not to do any panel lining.
Legs completed

Nice legs  ^_^
That's all for this time. Will finish up in the next post.

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