Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January Loot!

When I got back from Taiwan, I promised myself I would not buy any model kits for at least another 6 months. I guessed that was a promise meant to be broken as I COULD NOT STOP MYSELF!
I was shopping at the OG departmental store in Bugis when I came across the toys section. They were selling some BB Senshi Sangokuden kits at SGD$5 each! It was a great bargain, especially when some of the kits sold was the ones I was aiming for quite some time.

My Loot!

Therefore I had add 5 more kits to my growing collection of unbuilt kits. I have to speed up my building process or else I am running out of space for them. My GF helped me arrange the kits in this way. Her reasoning was that she arranged it like a Gunpla shop so that I no need to go to the shop to browse for Gunpla, I might as well do it at home. Can you believe that?

Anyway the growing collection of unbuilt kits is a happy problem for me anyway XD.


  1. woah.. this is scary. i think i have ard the same amt as well... but all well hidden here and there.. haha. yes. i think we have the same new year's resolutions.. to build faster and finish our backlogs. XD

  2. @ Ren n Tako
    Glad to hear tat someone has the same problem as me. Hope that you can build faster too coz that means that you will have room for more new Gunpla. Kekeke XD


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