Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WIP - BB Senshi Sangokuden Sonsaku Physalis Gundam Part 3

After a hard day's work, what better way to destress than to continue on my Gunpla. Next on the Sonsaku Physalis Gundam is to work on the helmet. There is a fair bit of painting to be done as I did not want to use the foil stickers provided. Mainly gold, red & blue paint markers are used. Panel lining is done too.

making preparations to paint the blue parts

waiting to dry

add a bit of gold and did some panel lining

painting the crown gold and add a bit of black

finished product

Sonsaku with the helmet on

That's all I have done. I admit progress is a crawl but cannot help it. Hope things will get better. Anyway another thing to note that the pics were taken by my new DSLR camera. Hehe... finally in action!


  1. yay.. photography lvl +1 ! very tedious masking there.. as much as i could, i've always tried not do masking.. jus plain lazy and preferred handpainting straight.. ha. but ur details look good!


  2. @ Ren n Tako
    thanks! at times I am also to lazy to do masking but when mistakes occur then i will !@#$$%. Really regret my laziness XD

  3. Wow, very nice painting! I wish i was as gd as you

  4. @ gunpla4ever
    Thanks! I'm sure you will be good also after some practice.


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