Monday, January 17, 2011

Work in progress - GPB-04B Beargguy HG 1/144 Part 2

Finally I had time to continue on arguably the cutest Gunpla in the Gundam history. Now I am working on the limbs. Looks easy on paper. 

starting on the arms

top of the arm

parts of the arm waiting to be put together

arms assembled

now move over to the feet

part of the legs

legs waiting to be put together

legs assembled!

final preparations before being put together

Beargguy completed!

Beargguy striking a cute pose

Beargguy with its mouth opened

I can say Beargguy is 95% completed. What are left are the extended arms and a gallery for it. Will try to do it in the next post. Now wondering which kit to start on next once I am finished with the Beargguy. Should I do a MG kit, a HG kit or a SD kit? Or better still, start on my PG Wing Zero Custom? XD 

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