Friday, January 28, 2011

WIP - BB Senshi Sangokuden Sonsaku Physalis Gundam Part 4

Now continuing work on the Sonsaku Physalis Gundam. NOw I am concentrating on the rest of the armor & some of the weapons. Firstly lets start with the shoulder armor.

painting it red using the red Gundam marker

adding the gold next

setting the armor onto the model

begin on the canon next by painting some parts gold

Adding a bit of gold to the backpack
after joining the backpack to the model

After that, it's time to work on the shoulder guards. I think they are to be used as weapons like the Tonfa I think.

the shoulder guards all white before painting
part of the shoulder guard waiting to be painted

after painting with the tools used by the side

after adding some gold to the top

to be assembled

after joining them together

still left with something missing?

Now I am left with only the sword. Will do it next time as it was geting late. It looks like this kit is turning quite fine. May even become one of my favourites of the Sangokuden series. XD
Just realised that when painting the Sangokuden kits, gold paint is a must. Must remind myself to stock up on more gold paint markers.


  1. Oh anyway gunso, is it just me, or the font for the label and comment link is hidden??
    Anyhow, the gold painty marker, is it enough (1 marker) to paint all those parts in a SD? I need one to paint my Cao Cao.

  2. @canopy

    Thanks for pointing the text problem out. Been tweaking the text colours recently. Anyway in response to ur query, 1 marker should be more than enough to paint the gold parts in Cao Cao. Normally I'll get two types, one thin one & one thick one for the different surface areas. hope it helps XD


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