Thursday, January 20, 2011

New phone! XD

Finally got a new phone. It's a Windows 7 phone from LG. Wanted to try out the phone to see what is the hype about.

Beargguy found out about the new phone

Beargguy looks at the phone with envy

Beargguy wants one too
Actually the phone is easy to use. Quite user friendly.
I was in between a decision to either get the LG Optimus 7 or HTC Mozart 7. Samsung Omnia 7 is too ex for me. In the end, I chose Optimus 7 as the internal memory was bigger. Mozart 7 only hag 8GB while Optimus 7 had 16GB.
 I heard about the problems with LG phones with regards to the durability, so have to keep my fingers crossed with regards to this one.

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