Monday, January 3, 2011

Work In Progress BB Senshi Sangokuden Enshou Bawoo Part 2 (Final)

Happy New year! A new year has arrived, and one of my new year resolutions is to complete my growing list of uncompleted model kits.
As continued from the last post, I resume working on the Enshou Bawoo. Will finish it by this post as I have been itching complete a model since I got back from Taiwan.

Some of the paint markers I used on this model

One of the legs not panel lined and painted yet
 Now I am left withe legs and weapons to complete. I notice the the legs needed some panel lining and painting to look much more presentable. Mainly will need the use of my gold oil-based paint marker.

Part of the feet not painted yet

the different parts of the leg painted & ready to be assembled

Leg assembled, looks more majestic with the gold added in as opposed to all red concept originally

Both the legs assmbled!

Left with only the helmet, the cape & the weapons missing...

the original gold sucks, so I painted it with my gold paint marker

Parts of the helmet painted, only use one of the foil stickers provided

Head assembled with the helmet

Headless warrior!!!

The backpack to join the cape, paint a bit of gold

the cape to be assembled with some painting done

Both the weapons painted, they look plain without painting

Finally finished!

Rear view

With the weapons

Foil stickers left unused

resting on my new solar powered rotating display stand (bought in taipei)

Finally done with this year first model kit. Going to start on the Custom Zaku F2000 from the Gunpla Builders series. That mobile suit is seriously cool with all the armour involved.

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