Thursday, January 13, 2011

Work in progress - GPB-04B Beargguy HG 1/144 Part 1

As mentioned in my last post, my next project is the Beargguy from the Gunpla Builders series. Seriously I am a fan of the OVA. A series about Gunpla builders? Way cool!
Anyway, I bought this kit in Taipei for less than SGD$20. I find it totally cute and for once my GF was agreement in me buying this kit.

box cover

contents of the box

the main body yet to be completed

front of the main body

rear of the main body

some of the cutest features seen in gunpla history - the backpack & recorder

the backpack ready to attached to the body

the back back attached to the body

rear view

putting the head together

missing the eyes, nose & mouth

nose & mouth attached
I painted the mono eye instead of using the sticker. But take note that the eye will drop off easily as it is not securely fastened. I did not want to glue it as to give the eye room for movement.

guess what are these?

they are the ears!

those eyes really will melt my heart

ready to attach the head onto the body

now left with only the limbs

This kit is pretty easy and straight forward to build as it has lesser parts than a normal HG kit. The main grouse with this kit I have is the mono eye not fastened securely. Otherwise this kit................

IS VERY CUTE!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to get back to working on this kit.

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