Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shin Goka Ryuso Ryubi Gundam

The Zaku F2000 project is on hold at the moment. Decided to post this long delayed pictures of the Shin Goka Ryuso Ryubi Gundam. I finished this kit about two to three months ago. Bought it during a sale as described in a previous post. This gunpla is interesting as it is the first and for now the only one to be of this scale in terms of size. This way, its details can be appreciated more easily. The kit is built with little painting involved but panel lining is still needed.

the box cover

contents of the box
the manual

head done with the panel lining

the chest

the waist

the arm to be assembled

arm assembled

the leg before assembly

leg assembled and panel lined

one of the swords - i felt that panel lining is not needed for this

the basic frame due to be assembled

basic frame assembled

helmet panel lined & ready to put on the head

front skirt

feels weird without the armor

Finally finished!

Totally going to be one of my new favourites in my collection

the weapons

striking a cool pose

with the different shoulder armor

weapon & shoulder armor resting on the stand

Finally got this off my back. But I am not satisfied with gold colour of the shoulder armor. May spray it metallic gold if I can find the time & energy.
Hopefully I will continue on the Zaku F2000 on the next post.

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