Monday, January 24, 2011

New Camera!!!

I finally took the plunge and bought my first DSLR camera.
Everybody....... Please meet my new Sony a33.
Decided to purchase this as I became increasingly frustated on the limitations of my previous camera. With this, I can take sharper images.

the box

the main components

Rx 78-2 is excited too! 

RX 78-2 is proud of  his new toy


  1. Hooo an Alpha33 from Sony, nice dude. Hey Gunsou, do you also collect the Keroro Gunsou's? I thought the Gunsou word come from it hahaha.
    Anyway, wanna exchange our blog link? :D

  2. @Canopy
    Thanks! I also got some Keroro kit, but minimal. Only possess the Chibi Keroro n the 5 MK-II series. Yes, definitely will link ur blog to mine. XD


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