Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Work In Progress - GPB-06F Super Custom Zaku F2000 - Part 1

As mentioned in last post, I decided on the Super Custom Zaku F2000 as my next project. I have already the finished the first two mobile suits in the Gunpla Builders series, the Beginning Gundam & Hi-V Gundam-GPB-colour. The design of this customised Zaku is is to provide it with extra armor making it a mean fighting machine. I think I will enjoy making this kit.

The box cover

Contents of the box

 Some of the tools I used in this project as shown above.


The torso

Starting on the hip

Parts of the hip

Assembling the hip

Hip assembled and panel lined

Joining the torso & the hip together

Hip & torso assembled

Assembling the flight pack

Flight pack assembled

Fight pack attached to the main body

Starting on the head

Mono eye - still deciding whether to use the foil sticker provided or painting it

Decided to paint it using my oil based pink paint marker

Head done - classic!

Head attached to the body

So far so good. I did not encounter any problems in making this kit. Painting is minimal & the panel lining is manageable too. Will continue with limbs next time.


  1. Whooa I read your profile, and maaan 400 gundam models, that's alot. :D
    Oh anyway, waiting for your Super Custom Zaku final review. Can't find much people review this babe. :D

  2. @ canopy
    thanks. Just finished building the Super Custom Zaku F2000. Will be posting it today.


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